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The Frontline

A.R.T. 4 Lyfe

Brother Abraham Ali was born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. While still very young he moved to Northern Virginia to Reston in 1986 with his father. After a short residency in Reston, Ali and his father moved to Herndon & then sent for his younger brother and mother to join them in their new life in Virginia.

Ali attended Hutchinson Elementary School, then Herndon Intermediate, and is a graduate / alumni of Herndon High School -Class of 94. He is proud father of three great children Jasmine -22, Daniel -15 and Elijah who is 8.

Ali is a prolific poet of hip hop style prose and a master storyteller He is recognized by all who witnessed his energy in motion as a major creative force!  Still young in years but not in talent or ambition, Ali is on a mission to make the collective ART more accessible to younger generations in Virginia– the U.S & around the world.

As the Founder of – FRONTLINE ART 4LYI=E Program Youth Outreach / Life couch, art instructor, Co-Founder/ designer of Mastermind Designers & Fashion and Apparel, & finally the author of a compelling new novel –The Crack In My Cross:  A Story of Redemption which chronicles his life in a riveting account of destruction of the soul & the struggle through darkness towards the light. Ali says "when I talk to youth I keep it real. I try to talk about things that are relevant to today's world. I learn just as much from youth as they do from me— I’m an artist by "Nature – but more importantly a very grateful student of life.