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“A voice for the voiceless, hope for the hopeless”

Life behind enemy lines:


To date, our prison systems are plagued by a multitude of men, women and children incarcerated all over the country. Some will return home, others will silently serve their sentence unable to witness a “free” day.


Frontline’s mission is to introduce the world to its concealed talents, through the vessels they have been gifted and various forms of art, music and poetry. In-turn, Frontline will provide a universal platform for the external culture to get to know these individuals behind bars on a more personal level and help support their resurrection. Frontline strives to aid in the reformation of our incarcerated community and eventually, their “rehabilitated” reintroduction into society.


Frontline recognizes that as a nation, we are suffering due to reoccurring toxic cycles leading to mental and physical death. Our youth, starting at early ages, have adopted a dependency for drugs; guns; alcohol and abuse cultivated by a violent state-of-mind arguably referred to as “self-hate.”  


Frontline will provide a platform for these misguided groups to liberally express their art and showcase their creativity. Our goal is to break the cycle and empower the hopeless by providing a lifeline to freedom and success.


-Our motto is to want for our sister’s and brother’s what we want for ourselves

A.R.T. 4 Lyfe

Let’s put an end to neglect world-wide!

The Frontline